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Re: Cingular Analog/TDMA Surcharge

Jim Rusling (
Mon, 07 Aug 2006 20:56:25 -0500

DLR <> wrote:

> Steve Sobol wrote:

>> Anthony Bellanga wrote:

>>> Over the years, various miscellaneous entities (I assume Cellular One)
>>> were taken over by SBC Mobility, or BellSouth Mobility, or post-2000
>>> by Cingular.

> So what the heck is SunComm? It appears to be a part of the old AT&T
> wireless but I don't get what made some of AT&T become SC and some
> become Cingular.

> [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: I think it was a legal thing. For
> example, in part of Oklahoma (Okla City, perhaps?) wasn't Cingular
> Wireless required to divest itself of some customers in the
> purchase of AT&T and those (divested) customers were handed over to
> Alltel? I know there was much customer confusion over it. PAT]

Yes they were in Oklahoma City.

Jim Rusling
More or Less Retired
Mustang, OK

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