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Re: A Tale of Two Scott Calverts and the Internet

Rick Merrill (
Mon, 07 Aug 2006 17:33:38 -0400

I received a PayPal *payment*! Knowing no one owed me money I
suspected a scam and began researching this and the sender! It turned
out that my paypal name differed from the other recipient by a single
<dot> in the username.

So now I have the email address of someone with the same name!

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: You may or may not have recieved an
actual PayPal payment from someone. I say this because one of the more
common phisher scams these days intended to get a response out of the
victim (the real purpose in their exercise) is to send out a letter
_claiming_ you have a refund coming ( for example) or very
likely in your PayPal account. Of course there is no such thing, all
they want to do is have you respond (showing them it is a good
address) and if they are really lucky, you accurately filled out some
form they sent you to. It is not that uncommon to have bogus email
sent to and from the same name, so maybe the fool made a typographical
error is all in how he addressed your 'payment' letter to you. If it
was a GENUINE payment, you can always go to the https: version of the
Paypal site itself to claim the money. PAT]

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