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Re: Google Porn Site Battle Puts Internet Freedoms in Balance
29 Jul 2006 09:07:12 -0700

Barry Margolin wrote:

> There's also the issue that Google isn't actually copying these from
> Perfect 10. According to the story, the copying was done by web site
> subscribers, who copied the pictures to their own web sites. Google
> then discovered them when searching those other web sites. Perfect 10
> presumably has a robots.txt file that tells Google not to index their
> pictures (and I'm sure Google obeys this protocol) as well as
> requiring registration to see most of its content (and Google wouldn't
> have an account). But once some copies the pictures to other sites
> (which is more blatant copyright infringement, but the perpetrators
> are probably judgment-proof), how is Google supposed to know that
> they shouldn't be indexed and thumbnailed?

I wonder if the owner of the photo could embed the registered username
in the photo (on the fly) so if it shows up somewhere else on the web,
they'd know who downloaded it from their site. I think a similar
technique was used to track down who was giving away copies of the
Academy Award "scrrener" DVDs. Of course, someone would then write code
to strip that out, but it might work some ...


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