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Re: Odd Dialing Code

Hr.ZeroHour (
29 Jul 2006 01:11:11 -0700

Early Sunday or Monday morning (say, 4:30A), by contrast, it takes only
three or four attempts to get a call through.

Hmmmm ... and there are some strange permutations of 1611 (e.g.,
+61101-etc or +116111-etc) that result in ring cycles I havent heard in
the US before. Sometimes doublering -- something like I remember
landlines rang in western Europe, but with distorted type of noise --
then 'answered' by "subscriber is not available or has left their local
calling region."

These are new sounds to me; I will have to take a listen to some
recordings archived on or to make a more accurate analogy.

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: '01' and '011' in this context can be
'operator assistance' codes on an IDDD (international direct dial)
type call. This is indeed very puzzling. Are the responses (when the
double-rings finally get 'answered') 'British sounding' or otherwise
'European-sounding' accent-wise? Does anyone know where country codes
61, or 611 or 161 or 1611, etc are located? PAT]

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