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Re: Odd Dialing Code

Hr.ZeroHour (
29 Jul 2006 01:11:11 -0700

> Have you tried either 611 or 1-611 or +611 _only_ -- with nothing
> following from your cell phone to see if eventually it times out and
> gets you to 'customer service' or some type of voicemail recording?

Yes, of course; only 611 actually connects to customer care line.

Other variations, including (+)1-611 and +611 result in "call cannot be
completed as dialed / check the number and try your call again or dial
6-1-1 for customer service" (trailer: "Message O R O 1 51") or the
"your *international* call cannot be completed as dialed, etc."
(trailers: "0 8 3 T" or "1 [0?] 9 5 T")

There is no way to silence the prompts when connected to their
voicemail, as far as I can tell. After two failed (or "did not
understand response") prompts to re-enter menu option, call is
terminated with suggestion to call again later ... when you've sobered
up a bit, etc.

> tower. Or is the city area you are in large enough that you know for
> a fact you are landing on different towers?

Not sure; what I notice is with a prepaid airtime balance of less than
approx. $0.50; whereas, after sending the full (+1611-etc) string --
but before ring cycle is heard -- there is a prepended cellco
annoucement suggesting you add more airtime soon for continuous
service. At this point, outside of Portland, no matter how many times
you redial, no calls will ever be completed using +1611NPANXXXXXXz .

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