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Re: Principals Claim Right to Search Cell Phones
18 Jul 2006 07:12:12 -0700

Tom Horsley wrote:

> You obviously haven't been paying attention to court cases involving
> students rights -- the court's consensus appears to be that students
> have no rights at all. Certainly there have been several cases that
> said they have to submit to drug tests if the schools decide they want
> drug testing, don't know why the courts would ever decide differently
> for cell phone searches.

While drug tests are troublesome, at least they (hopefully) are
specific and accurate and objective. Drugs are illegal and dangerous
and kids shouldn't be doing them. However, I don't like drug sniffing
dogs in parking lots.

I wasn't asking about the legality of such searches, but rather the
public need and justification for schools to probe into a student's
private life and student owned things. I fail to see how those
warrantless searches help the public safety except in the most extreme

I also find it objectionable because it leads into the areas of
thought crime and guilt by association. It's one thing if I'm seen
passing large amounts of cash with a known drug dealer, but something
else entirely if I merely happen to have his phone number.

I also strongly object to schools looking at a student's personal
notebooks; again, that becomes risk of a thought crime and violating
private property and private space.

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