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Re: Parlino?
18 Jul 2006 06:05:17 -0700

Jim Haynes wrote:

> Just got my credit card statement and there are three charges and one
> credit from Parlino Bertrange LU. Looking that up on the web says it
> is a VOIP phone company. I've never knowingly done business with them
> -- does anybody else have any stories about them?

I had this happen a few years ago. Some voicemail company showed up on
my phone bill. It was quite a hassle to get it off the bill. I think
there's now some way to tell your POTS provider to not accept charges
from any other company. There was a recent article in the SF Chronicle
about a similar situation. See


[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: On my cellular phone bill we discovered
that a company known as 'M-Qube' was charging me $9.95 _per month_ for
a 'subscription' of some kind; it had gone unnoticed for several
months until I got a chance to look at the bill personally, at which
point I called Cingular Wireless and they took it off the bill; they
never could explain what it was supposed to be, but they did credit
it back. PAT]

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