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Re: VOIP and Taxes

Raqueeb Hassan (
23 Jun 2006 18:02:20 -0700

Wolfgang Rupprecht wrote:

> It looks like VOIP traffic to PSTN lines might very well be taxed in
> the near future. One thing that this does is encourage institutions
> with their own PBX's to keep as much traffic as possible from hitting
> the PSTN by routing eligible traffic over private lines. One
> interesting method is to tie all participating PBX's together via the
> internet using globally unique "tie-line" numbers.


Yes, it's godsend for the private PBX's. Here is the Q&A from the FAQ
which might help the new users planning for the trial, which actually
needs little or no modification of your existing system.

Q. Can you recommend an inexpensive VoIP-capable platform?

A. If your existing PBX has the ability to take as inputs a PRI, FXO,
or FXS line(s), then it is possible through inexpensive hardware and
free software to create a gateway to existing TDM infrastructures for
both outgoing and incoming calls. If you have an old Pentium II 400mhz
or better system as a spare, it may cost as little as $20 to create a
gateway platform with Asterisk that integrates a single FXO trunk into
your existing PBX. PRI-capable systems can use the same (or slightly
better) CPU hardware, and single-PRI cards are in the $500 range.

Raqueeb Hassan

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