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VOIP and Taxes

Wolfgang Rupprecht (
Thu, 22 Jun 2006 21:36:02 -0700

It looks like VOIP traffic to PSTN lines might very well be taxed in
the near future. One thing that this does is encourage institutions
with their own PBX's to keep as much traffic as possible from hitting
the PSTN by routing eligible traffic over private lines. One
interesting method is to tie all participating PBX's together via the
internet using globally unique "tie-line" numbers.


ISN provides an easy way for campuses, enterprises, and ASPs to
acquire globally-unique subscriber numbers to support new
communications services. ISNs are free, fast, and forever yours;
they may be used to support SIP, XMPP, H.323 or other
communications; and, they provide a domain-based, "Internet-style"
number that looks more like an email address than a traditional
E.164 telephone number.

An ISN is formed by joining a domain-local subscriber number to an
ITAD (Internet Telephony Administrative Domain) number, using an
asterisk as the delimiter. For example, subscriber 1234 in ITAD
256 would have ISN: 1234*256.

Think of an ISN as an Internet-style phone number, where the
asterisk is analogous to the @ sign in an email address.

Internet Telephony Administrative Domains (ITADs) were defined in
Telephony Routing over IP (TRIP) [RFC 3219]. But, since TRIP never
gained much traction, ITADs didn't either. ISN gives ITADs new

more links:

Note: These folks have graciously let me join in their grand
experiment, but I'm in no way a spokesperson for them. It just seems
like an idea who's time has come and I'm happy to try to spread the

Wolfgang S. Rupprecht

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