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Re: Texas to Install Border Patrol Web Cameras

Rick Merrill (
Sat, 24 Jun 2006 12:02:01 -0400

Gordon Burditt wrote:

>> The governor of Texas wants to turn all the world into a virtual
>> posse.

>> Rick Perry has announced a $5 million plan to install hundreds of
>> night-vision cameras on private land along the Mexican border and put
>> the live video on the Internet, so that anyone with a computer who
>> spots illegal immigrants trying to slip across can report it on a
>> toll-free hot line.

> Doesn't this also mean that the illegal immigrants can also use the
> cameras to detect the absence of patrols and determine what the
> cameras can actually see?

>> Under the plan, announced on the eve of the state GOP convention,
>> cameras and other equipment would be supplied to willing landowners
>> and placed along some of the most remote reaches of the border. The
>> live video would be made available to law enforcement and anyone else
>> with an Internet connection.

> I prefer to state that: "The live video would be made available to
> would-be illegal immigrants and smugglers and anyone else with an
> Internet connection".

>> Bonner said it won't take smugglers long to figure out where the
>> cameras are.


The location of the cameras will be classified, and once their
location is revealed by internet users the cameras will be moved to
new locations.

Sounds like WAR surfing: drive around the border until your car shows
up on a web cam ;-) fly your piper cub along the boarder?

A picure of the river or of the desert just doesn't have many clues!

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: The location is to be classified? That
is not what I have heard. The URLs for the various cameras is going
to be made public, with an invitation to the internet users to study
the pictures from time to time to 'help' locate illegal border crossings.
The .jpg pictures on display will include the 'camera number' and an
800 phone number with an invitation to observe the picture and
telephone the number given and report the camera number if any action
or movement of persons is seen. In other words, the entire internet
will function like border patrol agents. PAT]

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