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Re: Campus Fax Finder

Robert Bonomi (
Fri, 23 Jun 2006 06:40:31 -0000

In article <>,
<> wrote:

> jtaylor wrote:

>> Currently there is no law that says (where I live) that I cannot
>> program a computer to call numbers looking for fax machines.

> I am not a lawyer, but I believe what you propose to do IS indeed
> against federal law.

So what?? 'federal law' is *NOT* relevant to the original poster. He
can ignore whatever it says, with absolute impunity.

> It absolutely is against the law to call certain
> restricted numbers or a line under monitor without legitimate purpose
> (and a review of your call out log would show that it wasn't
> legitimate).

Wrong again. The original poster is subject to *NO* such restrictions.

Not only 'not a lawyer', but not much of a geographer, either. :) the
original poster lives in _Canada_. And the laws *there* about use of
telephones/modems and sending faxes, are *very* different.

Those differences *are* what he was complaining about.

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