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Re: How Evil Will Google Become?

Sun, 18 Jun 2006 03:41:05 -0400

Jim Burks wrote:

> wrote in message

>> Tim Beyers wrote:

>> When will Google start being evil?

> As far as I'm concerned, they already did when they agreed to censor
> the results in their Chinese-language search engine. So much for the
> Internet bringing freedom to the world through free exchange of
> information.

Saw an interesting talk about Google today (Saturday) on BookTV on
CSpan2. This issue came up. When Google did go in what they did was
put up a page saying the requested search result was censored when it
was. Which no one else does. The Chinese government didn't like it
but let it happen. Apparently Google used it's leverage to do what
they could. The Chinese government is very pragmatic when it comes to
keeping public opinion muted. They'd much rather is didn't need any
muting vs suppression of any one issue.

If you always go absolute, you never get anything done. You vote for
Ralph Nader or George Wallace. Neither gets elected and rarely do you
get a seat at the table.

The real issue is if you get that "seat" will your ethics survive?

<snip> of casino merits.

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