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Re: How Evil Will Google Become?

Jim Burks (
Sat, 17 Jun 2006 02:38:01 GMT wrote in message

> Tim Beyers wrote:

> When will Google start being evil?

As far as I'm concerned, they already did when they agreed to censor
the results in their Chinese-language search engine. So much for the
Internet bringing freedom to the world through free exchange of

> Some years ago gambling was allowed in Atlantic City NJ. All sorts of
> promises were made of how it would rejuvenate the town, etc. Nothing
> came about.

Yes and no. There has been a lot of capital investment and a lot of
jobs created through gambling in AC.

> If you want to have a casino in some out of the way place or a limited
> government lottery, ok. Some office football pools or even straight
> numbers, ok. But I don't want a gambling hall on every corner, and
> that's what all the interests want to do. Government gets too
> dependent on gambling tax revenue and ignores its responsibility to
> keep this stuff from getting out of hand.

The casino companies play off one state against another. They are
doing that to a degree now in Tennessee and Arkansas saying 'we need
to stop the state's tax money from going to Mississippi' where gaming
is legal.

Jim Burks

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