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Fri, 16 Jun 2006 21:32:11 EDT

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> As to telephones, this has little relevance except that the stereotype
> of a bookie was very heavy telephone use.

It was a favorite sport in the days when telcos had outside
representatives (bill collectors) to send a new person in that job to
go to a bookie place or other place taking bets over the telephone and
have him (they were almost always male) demand that they pay their
bill (always in the thousands of dollars) immediately or their service
would be cut off.

The first time or two it would happen at such a place the armed
gatekeeper would meet them at the door and relay their request to the
head man. The head man would have the guard bring the outside rep to
him and demand what was going on (bookie joints always paid their
bills in full and on time). The outside rep was shaking as he came
before the boss after passing through all the armed goons and wondered
if he would get out alive.

The boss would see this, and realize what was being done to the new
guy. Often he would turn to an aide and tell him to give the outside
rep the money in cash.

After this had happened a couple of times, and the boss knew what was
going on, he still might go through the same rigamarole, doing his
part in the initiation of the new outside rep.

Wes Leatherock

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