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Re: Political Telemarketing Calls

Steven Lichter (
Thu, 08 Jun 2006 04:51:36 GMT

Lena wrote:

> Mark Crispin wrote:

>> There is a service called Do Not Disturb which is generally cheaper
>> than the various "No Solicitation", "Caller ID/Anonymous Call
>> Rejection", etc. services. It's also *far* more effective.

> I'm beginning to think that my daughter has the best solution. No
> Caller ID, no ACR, no Do Not Disturb"; all her calls go directly to
> the answering machine. If she happens to be around, hears the message
> and recognizes the voice, she picks up. Otherwise she calls back.
> Telemarketers hang up immediately.

> Lena

Actually when they call here and hit my voice mail system they
continue the recording, I come home and find the first part of the
message missing since my message is first then the last part it cut
off since I only allow about 2 minutes to the caller. But I have CID
and a box that allows me to block numbers.

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