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Re: Political Telemarketing Calls
8 Jun 2006 11:43:27 -0700

Bob Vaughan wrote:

> I have received two political campaign calls to my cellphone in the
> last two weeks, one of which was a prerecorded pitch for a county
> sales tax measure, and the other of which was a live human.

> I filed formal complaints with the FCC and FTC for both calls, and
> read the riot act to the live human.

Did anything happen as a result of your complaints?

Were you reimbursed for charges for your lost minutes?

Did the phone carrier make any effort to reduce all those unwanted

I have a low use cell phone plan. Depending on time and place, an
unwanted call could cost me $2.00 per call minute. I tend to doubt
I'd get reimbursed from my cell phone carrier or the politicians if I
were to receive such calls. As mentioned previously, my mother who
was a patient in a nursing home received soliciting calls on her phone
and that forced me to disconnect the service.

I might note that there are private businesses that violate the law by
various shticks, such as claiming a prior business relationship or a

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