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Re: The Risk of Misplaced Myspace Hysteria

Joshua Putnam (
Sat, 3 Jun 2006 09:38:17 -0700

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> Andrew Brandt wrote:

>> But knee-jerk reactions are even more prevalent in some schools among
>> administrators: In one notable recent case, a teacher was suspended
>> and "escorted from the building" after the broadcast journalism group
>> she supervises produced a hard-hitting segment about the dangers of
>> MySpace.

> I find the above situation that very hard to believe. If indeed the
> teacher got in trouble as described (which may be an exaggeration),
> there must have been more to it.

I'm afraid I don't find it difficult to believe at all -- if a
district has a "zero intelligence" policy against anything, whether
it's visiting MySpace or drug posession, it doesn't matter who
violates it or why, they're all punished the same. (If you aren't
familiar with the current "zero tolerance" insanity sweeping American
schools and other institutions, has some
good, well researched, examples of what hysterical stupidity can lead
to.) is Joshua Putnam
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