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Re: MySpace Hires Child Safety Expert From Microsoft

Vientus (
12 May 2006 11:22:57 -0700 wrote:

> That's an interesting idea. Wouldn't people just give fake numbers
> though?

If you gave a fake number you would not be able to complete the
sign-up. For example, when you sign up for myspace
calls your home phone number (based on your input) and an automated
voice reads a PIN number over the phone. You would then need to input
that correct PIN number into a field on the myspace profile sign-up
screen. If you gave a fake phone number, obviously you won't get the

I went to the website but I'm not completely sure how it works. When
you sign up the site calls the number you provided?

Yes. If that phone number was associated with underage users,
harassing or sexual pradators etc ... it would be flagged and couldn't
be used for further sign-ups. Think of the process of having a
phoneconfirm on myspace as a bit like a library card -- phoneconfirm
is a basic identity process that helps serve to create a social
contract of accountability on myspace and other social networking

>> I'm at least happy that social networking sites are
>> acknowledging the problem and that places like NCMEC are providing
>> services where people can report child exploitation.

>> [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Another site where child
>> exploitation is dealt with in an unusual -- almost vigilate way --
>> is PAT]

I think the "library card" identity confirmation process is a good
middle ground -- using a kind of "soft" identity confirmation system
like phoneconfirm on myspace -- that isn't as vigilante as perverted
justice, nor as much of a regulatory hand grenade as US Rep.
Fitzpatrick's bill, and isn't as mayhem producing as as the current
status quo.

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