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Wed, 12 Apr 2006 22:27:19 -0400

Matt Simpson wrote:

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> <> wrote:

>> Interesting. I recently had to visit my ailing grandmother in the
>> ntensive care unit of a local hospital. No warnings about cell phones
>> and in fact saw staff use them.

>> So I'd say yes, we can use our cell phones in hospitals.

> It varies. One hospital where I spent a lot of time a few years ago
> (as a visitor, not a patient) banned all cell phone use anywhere in
> the building. I got in trouble on my first visit. There was a big

This issue started because of the power generated by the old original
brick phones and later the analog phones. Now the digital phones
general very small power signals by design and rarely interfere with
medical gear or anything else. Which is why hospitals might ban
outside cell phones (they don't want to run a power check) but have an
in house network of new digital phones that don't put out enough power
to worry about. I'm sure there's a set of standards these days dealing
with this area of "hospital gear certified to work around cell phones
certified to be below power levels of xxx".

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