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Re: Mysterious Calls From: 800-706-0971

Linc Madison (
Sun, 26 Mar 2006 14:37:39 -0800

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> I keep getting calls from 800-706-0971. Its listed on my caller ID
> several time a day every day during the week.

A quick Google search turned up this:

They list 800-706-0971 as "0870 numbers" as in +44 870, which is a
semi-premium prefix in the United Kingdom. 0870 calls are billed at
"national rate," but in practice the rate may be higher than for an
ordinary domestic long-distance call, and the operator may receive
part of the revenue from the call charges.

It isn't clear at all how the number is supposed to work. I suppose
perhaps you could dial the U.S. 800 number, enter an account code, and
then be able to dial British 0870 numbers, but that doesn't sound like
a viable business model.

Of course, the whole thing may be a lot of hooey, because they list my
personal 800 number as something other than my personal phone. Another
company I'm familiar with shows up as "reverse lookup phone number
address," which has absolutely nothing to do with their business.

It looks to me like is just a list of every possible
800 number, with Google-bait thrown in to try to bump them up the
listings: "dns reverse lookup failed, reverse lookup phone number
address, netscape white pages reverse lookup, my email address, etc.

Oh, well; I guess that puts you back to square one, because all the
other Google hits on the number in question point to this thread in
the Digest.

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