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Re: Music on Hold, Digital Player

Carl Navarro (
Thu, 16 Mar 2006 04:26:15 GMT

On 15 Mar 2006 11:22:52 -0800, Mr4Sale <> wrote:

> We've been using a CD/MP3 player, with a CDROM for our music on hold.
> Needless to say, after awhile running 7/24 for a couple of uses in an
> infinite loop it's starting to act up. I was thinking of moving to an
> MP3 player instead (no moving parts) this time. But we'd need one
> with an external power supply and one that could loop one track.

> Not to mention come back up into the proper state (looping the one
> track) in case of a power outage. Can anyone recommend a good player
> that has these features? We don't need much memory in it, it's just
> one track.

> I thought of using a sound card in a server (they tend to stay running
> long), but then I'd be into the "how do I keep it running" challenge.
> If I go that route, does anyone have a background software/service
> that will play .wav or .mp3 on a server out it's sound card?

This is a little pricey if you have to get the "Professional" edition,
but the basic MOH player is only $28 to licence (sic).

Carl Navarro

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