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Employment Opportunity?

frank smith (
Tue, 14 Feb 2006 02:41:30 +0000

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: This message could be retitled
"Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (to get the FBI on your case.) PAT]


My name is FRANK SMITH, I am an artist. I live in United Kingdom, with
my two kids, four cats, one dog and the love of my life. It is
definitely a full house. I have been doing artwork since I was a small
child. That gives me about 23 years of experience. I majored in art in
high school and took a few college art courses.

Most of my work is done in either pencil or airbrush mixed with color
pencils. I have recently added designing and creating artwork on the
computer, and have had my work featured on trading cards, prints and
in magazines.

I have been selling my art products for past 3 years, both locally and
internationally, but I find it difficult getting paid by my clients in
the US, as most of them has the only option of paying me either by
money orders or checks, of which I am not based in the US and hence it
is impossible for me to cash out the checks or money orders as the
cost of flying down to the states to receive such payments is very
expensive, so for me not to loose my clients in the US, I have decided
to strategize a plan by employing someone in the United States who
will be working as my representative, and hence receive payments on my
behalf, I mean someone that is honest, transparent, responsible and
reliable. And hence, I will be willing to pay 10% for every

Anyway, I am working on setting up a little Gallery in the US, so for
now I need a representative who will be handling the payment aspect,
then along the line if I find you possessing the above characters, I
could make you my manager once my Gallery is up the Dallas, Texas.

Like I said earlier, these payments will be coming to you in form of
money orders and checks. Hence, once you are fully employed, then the
checks and money order would come in your name, as I will introduce
you to my US customers and hence they will be making payment to me
through you, so your job is just to cash out the money orders or
checks, deduct your wage which is 10% from each payment and wire the
rest via Western Union or Moneygram to me.

Now, for such magnitude of business, the problem I have is trust, but
I have my way of getting anyone that gets away with our money, I mean
the FBI branch in Washington will be involved. But if you tend to
possess the right characters I require of you, then I can assure you
more goodies.

Meanwhile, please bear it in mind that this job wont cost you
anything, instead you will get paid, as you are just to receive
payments which will be sent to you by FedEx or USPS from my customers,
which would come in form of a money order or check like I said, then
you are to cash it, deduct your wage which is 10% from each payment
you receive and send the balanced to me via Western Union Money
transfer or Moneygram Money transfer, all transfer fees should be
deducted from my own share (90%) of the money after your remove your
10%. If this job offer is ok by you, then write and let me know you
are interested, and then I will advise you what next to do.

Please get back to me as soon as possible, so that I can enlighten you
on how to proceed. Compliments!!

Frank Smith

N/B Endevour to contact me using my private address:

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Well, Mr. Smith, I must say this angle
of yours is not as crude as most I have seen; after all, you are not
claiming to be a banker or a solicitor in Nigeria seeking an American
sucker -- err, business partner like so many of the 'employment
opportunities' we see on the net these days. And, Mr. Smith, before
you Go to Washington, like Jimmie Stewart in the 1941 movie by that
same name, to snitch on your new partners, who, in their greed, decided
to try and out-con another con man (or, as we say in street parlance
'try to bullshit another bullshitter') just be aware that it cannot be
done. Another bullshitter or con-man will see through that thin veil
you present every time.

I might be a bit more sympathetic to your approach, and willing to
give you the benefit of the doubt if I had not personally already
recieved this same missive from you now three or four times, and it
occurred to me that because your approach is so, well, unique and
different than is usually seen in these parts; so refreshing it is,
in fact, there is a good chance some of the guys on the net could get
lured in, and that would be a pity, to see guys wind up in jail
instead of you winding up there (in jail, I mean).

Let me conclude by playing the role of straight man in this comedy for
a minute. If you _really_ want a USA fiduciary agent to collect
payments due you and remit proceeds, may I suggest you look at and/or (or )
and search there with keyword 'donations'. Pay Pal offers you ways
to collect funds from Americans and so does Amazon. Both provide
little templates you can put on your own web page. e-Bay also has a
similar arrangement working with PayPal. But take care about playing
any tricks on _those guys_, they'll get you in trouble easily. They
are all (Amazon, Pay Pal and E-Bay) equipped to accept all manner of
payment and remit to you, all forms of currency, etc. PAT]

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