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Re: Cost of POTS w/o Long Distance

Tony P. (
Sun, 8 Jan 2006 21:09:49 -0500

In article <>, says...

> In article <>, John Stahl
> <> wrote:

>> If one calls the Verizon business office the charge is now
>> $5.50. However, if one were to establish an account on-line and use
>> the Internet (see, there are advantages -- at least for now -- in
>> using the Internet!), the charge to change LD carriers is only
>> $1.25. AND if you change both regional toll and LD carrier at the same
>> time the charge will be discounted an additional 50%.

> This actually makes sense. If you call the office, a human droid must
> take the info from you and enter it into some system that will make
> the change.

> If you do it online, it gets done "untouched by human hands" and costs
> VZ considerably less.

Do you mean to tell me that when I had Verizon I could turn features
on and off via their web interface and the switch would actually make
the changes sans human contact?

That isn't the Verizon that I know. For example -- on the
Business/Government side in order to get a Verizon screw up fixed
takes a minimum of four people at Verizon including a VP, and account
exec, one of that account execs flunkies and a switch technician.

That might be why the average cost of a line in this area is $35 a

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