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Re: Dumb Question About "Do Not Call"

Steve Sobol (
Wed, 21 Dec 2005 20:13:29 -0800

Lena wrote:

> It clams to block "anonymous and unidentified numbers" Been tempted to
> try it, and then the telemarketers go away, so I forget about it.
> There is also the configuration problem; how does it block all the
> phones in the house. Can I mount it where the line comes in, and then
> tie all the phones to it? They sell "remotes", but that drives the
> cost up. Verizon has this "iobi" service that appears to have the
> ability to block unwanted calls. It costs $4.95 per month when added
> to a "Freedom" package ($7.95 without). More flexibility, it seems,
> than the Privacy Corps Caller ID.

iobi is supposed to do quite a bit more than just block unwanted
calls. As far as telemarketing is concerned, I put us on the federal
DNC list and that seems to have worked quite well for us.

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