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Re: Vonage + Multi-Line Cordless Phones?

Robert Bonomi (
Sun, 11 Dec 2005 00:36:40 -0000

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> A little advice needed:

> For a new office I am helping to setup, we are installing a 384k T1
> line, and are planning on using vonage over that T1 line for our phone
> service. We plan to have at least 2 and maybe 3 phone lines through
> vonage. We are looking into cordless multi-line phones. We figure
> we'll need 1 base station and 4-8 handsets. Vonage offers a call-hunt
> feature that will ring the second or third line if the first line is
> busy. Will this multi-line service from vonage work with 1 mutli-line
> base station?

"Probably". Most residential-grade type equipment is designed to work
with multiple (single-line) POTS lines from the telephone service

Vonage provides a single-line POTS line, on the 'telephone' side of the

Note, be sure to co-ordinate wih whomever is installing the Internet
'fractional' T-1, to arrange for an enhanced QOS, or at least
priority, for the VOIP traffic on your T-1. Three simultaneous voice
conversations can tie up 50% or more of that pipe. That's a big
enough share that you don't want the risk of 'non-real-time' traffic
pigging the bandwidth.

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