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Re: Hanging up on the New Ma Bell

Arthur Kamlet (
Fri, 9 Dec 2005 21:25:17 UTC

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> "Ma Bell" referred to the old AT&T Bell System pre-divesture. It
> referred to the old system, somewhat negatively, of when Bell owned
> all equipment and long distance, and supplied 100% of customers needs.
> Once AT&T divested the local companies, it ceased being the old Ma
> Bell. It quickly evolved into other types of business. It even lost
> the "Bell" name.

Except that AT&T fought for and succeeded in keeping the name:
Bell Laboratories.

Not until AT&T spun off Western Electric and Bell Labs, soon renamed
Lucent Technologies, did Lucent's managers manage to screw up Bell

Art Kamlet ArtKamlet @ Columbus OH K2PZH

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