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Re: MIT's 5ESS: (was: NN0 Central Office Codes)

Joe Morris (
Mon, 14 Nov 2005 13:56:43 UTC (Garrett Wollman) writes:

> Joe Morris <> wrote:

>> I'm having trouble imagining today's MIT students being able to resist
>> the challenge of hacking into the switch and making it do
>> "interesting" things.

> But don't forget that hacking ethics would prevent them from doing
> anything so interesting as to have an impact on public safety.

Add the qualifier "deliberately" and I'll agree. I suspect,however,
that the majority of one-time undergraduates who have been out of
college and in the real world for a few years hope that the world at
large never discovers some of the hare-brained schemes they cooked up
while at school.

Recall the Tom Lehrer song on the subject of college life ...

Bright college days,
Oh carefree days that fly;
To thee we sing,
With our glasses raised on high;

Let's drink a toast,
As each of us recalls,
Ivy-covered professors,
In ivy-covered halls.

Turn on the spigot,
Pour the beer and swig it,
And gaudemus igit,

Joe Morris

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