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Re: Vonage and the 500 Minute Plan

Henry Cabot Henhouse III (
Sun, 09 Oct 2005 16:47:34 -0700

I couldn't find reference to the "unlimited local w/500 national"
minutes on the archived website that Daniel pointed me to, but the
info from DevilsPGD confirms what I thought I signed up for... and the
reason I changed my pcs to a 323 number so forwarded minutes would not
count towards the 500 minutes.

I don't recall ever receiving notification from Vonage that the plan

Vonage has been ok, I've only suffered through a few outages -- which
affected everyone -- and fortunately I've never had the pain of trying
to get through to them on the phone.

I've recently considered switching to Sunrocket ... the website says
they can port one of my Verizon Wireless numbers (310-995 Gardena)
which Vonage can not do. I guess that, along with them being five
bucks a month less than Vonage for unlimited, makes SR attractive to

Anyone have any opinions on SR?



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