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Joseph (
Tue, 20 Sep 2005 10:49:58 -0700

On Sun, 18 Sep 2005 21:05:59 GMT, Steven Lichter
<> wrote:

> I have one of these. Don't use it at all; it is not digital.

> Pretty good condition, no battery with it, just pugs in to lighter in a
> car. It was on BellSouth Mobility, but with you try to use it it says
> it is not registered with Verizon.

> If someone wants to pay me to pack it up and ship it to them, let me
> know, I can send pictures if you like.

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> [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: I certainly have the required power
> supply even though I do not have a car/cigarette lighter. I wonder
> how it would work on Cingular Wireless here in Kansas? PAT]

Who knows how it would work on Cingular or even on Verizon. Neither
company will let you activate an AMPS (analog) only phone any longer.
cingular won't even let you activate new TDMA (IS-136) service since
cingular wants everyone on the GSM network now. People who are still
on the TDMA network can stay there although Cingular has been taking
more and more resources from their TDMA side and putting them into the
GSM side so reception in some areas has become quite iffy. If you had
service with AT&T Wireless or Verizon Wireless with just analog
they'll likely let you keep it. They won't activate anything other
than recent technology and even Verizon won't let you activate any new
phone that is not GPS equipped. The only way you could possibly use
it is as an emergency phone to dial 911 only since it's mandated that
911 should work from all phones regardless of whether they are
registered on a network.

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