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Bob Vaughan (
Tue, 20 Sep 2005 12:49:22 +0000 (UTC)

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Steven Lichter <> wrote:

> I have one of these. Don't use it at all; it is not digital.

> Pretty good condition, no battery with it, just pugs in to lighter in a
> car. It was on BellSouth Mobility, but with you try to use it it says
> it is not registered with Verizon.

> If someone wants to pay me to pack it up and ship it to them, let me
> know, I can send pictures if you like.

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> [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: I certainly have the required power
> supply even though I do not have a car/cigarette lighter. I wonder
> how it would work on Cingular Wireless here in Kansas? PAT]

No, It almost certainly will not work with Cingular, which is a 1.9ghz
digital network. You will need to find a carrier that has a 800mhz
AMPS network in place, such as the old Cellular One (now AT&T?), or

The carriers may be reluctant to activate new service on a analog
phone, as they can fit multiple digital calls in the same bandwith as
a single analog call.

There are also security issues, as a analog phone can be easily cloned
using information sniffed off the air, with no physical access to the
donor phone required. This is/was a major problem in many urban
markets, where folks would park on a overpass over the freeway, and
sniff ESN's from all the cellular users passing by, and then clone the
ESN's into other phones, and sell calling time to the immigrant
community. No fun when your bill shows up with thousands of dollars
in calls to central america, although the cell companies would
generally absorb the charges, it was a big hassle all around.

The FCC has set a sunset date, after which time the carriers are free
to discontinue analog service. That date is February 18th, 2008.
After that date, there is no guarantee that analog service will
continue to be available, although I suspect that it will continue in
more rural areas for some time.

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[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Actually, the old AT&T Wireless Network
was bought by Cingular, not by Cell One, however, it seemed to be the
policy of AT&T that anytime _they_ were not able to service a customer
the customer was handed off to the nearest Cell One tower. Some of
that may just be playing games with words and names however, since
here in Independence, AT&T (now Cingular) services its customers via
the Cell One 'antenna farm' owned and operated by Dobson Cell Towers,
which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Dobson Cell One. Located in
nearby Liberty, Kansas, Dobson Cell Towers rents space to whomever,
such as Cingular Wireless, Cell One, Alltel and US Cellular.

Cingular has already stated (see my response to the other message in
this group today) they will continue to service analog phones until
'sometime next year' as required by the FCC regulations. However, the
area code I am in (620, southeast Kansas) will _only_ as of now, or
as of last month, actually, be digital service. Until a few years ago,
we used to be in area 316 (same as Wichita) and any _prepaid_ phones
I wish to turn on (until next year's deadline) will be handled out
of Wichita 316, like my present prepaid cellular phone, making me a
'roamer' for service. But 'roamer' is just a word also, all rates for
prepaid service here in Independence, local or roaming, are 25 cents
per minute under prepaid service. The effect of this where I am
concerned is _all calls_ local or 'long distance' when using the
Cingular prepaid service must commence with me entering my number and
my pin. Not so on my 'regular' cell phone service. They will _not_
cell any analog phones or service as such any longer; just keep up
with what is still out there. I may switch to Cell One or Alltel in
the future if I can get a better deal from them _AND_ port my
existing number. PAT]

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