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Ed Clarke (
Sun, 18 Sep 2005 09:08:45 -0400

In comp.dcom.telecom, you wrote:

> I have tried to re-install Win 98 SE but have been unable to figure
> out how to get the BIOS to look at and accept the CD drive rather than
> the hard drive. I do start up with F1 and get the BIOS screen, and
> attempt to put the CD as the first choice, but it does not accept
> that; and continues to attempt to load from the hard drive.


My new Thinkpad requires me to hit F12 before boot. This brings up a
secondary menu that permits selection of the boot device. One of the
options is CD-ROM.

I see several references to "Press and hold F12..." to get that menu
up. Search google for

thinkpad 770 "boot menu" F12

Good luck!


[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: On the older Think Pads (models 770 or 770x
at least) F1 at time of booting brings up a BIOS menu and a choice of
options i.e. boot from CD, from hard drive, from floppy (and other
choices I do not understand, such as from 'network', from 'PCMCIA card'
and other places. Exactly how one boots from 'network' or from 'PCMCIA
card' when those devices do not come to life until Windows turns them
on confuses me. But I will google your suggestion above for myself and
see what it has to say. PAT]

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