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Re: Roaming Charges
Thu, 15 Sep 2005 21:34:13 UTC wrote:

> light on the phone goes on when roaming. I have noticed that in
> border areas (e.g. a rest stop on the turnpike at the edge of my
> service territory), that sometimes I'm roaming, sometimes I'm not;
> because the base site antenna used varies all the time even in a fixed
> location.]

This raises a question I thought of recently, but had not bothered to
ask anyone about. Suppose I start a cell call in local but move to a
roaming tower during the call? Does the call get charged as roaming
or not? What about the opposite situation, start of call is roaming
but moves into home area during the call?

I'm guessing the call stays billed at whichever rate it started at,
but that raises the possibility of someone carrying on a 2 hour
conversation as they drive while outside their home area without
paying any roaming fees. Hmm. Anyone know for sure?

Bill Ranck
Blacksburg, Va.

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