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Re: Back to the Future in 845-268 Land

John Levine (
15 Sep 2005 02:42:16 -0000

> I tried it a few more times and at one point even came up with a
> 1960's style ring tone with no answer. Is it possible the old gear is
> still in the little brick telco building by Rockland Lake and taking
> overload calls ?

> 845-268-xxxx.

Rather unlikely. The switch is a nice modern DMS-100 with vastly more
capacity than whatever electromechanical thing it replaced. I can
think of a variety of possible explanations, none terribly plausible.

I do know that when you get a busy signal, as often as not the signal
you hear is generated by the switch at your end and the circuit is
dropped as soon as the remote switch can tell your switch to give you
a busy. (This is why calls to Europe produce US busy signals rather
than the local European busy signal.) They don't do that for ring,
but of course the ring tone is all digital, so who knows what sort of
recording some wag might have installed.



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