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DevilsPGD (
Sun, 21 Aug 2005 01:41:32 -0600

In message <> TELECOM Digest Editor
noted in response to DevilsPGD>:

> [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Where did you get this idea that there
> is going to be an en-masse removal of sites from one domain to another?
> I do not recall ever saying that ... those web sites who are willing
> to and gracious enough to take up residence in .xxx will be permitted
> to do so, just as sites took up residence in .info, .biz, .aero, and
> .museum ... and those of us Moderators and others who do not give a
> shit about dubious information, biz-iness ventures, museums or
> aeroplanes would be free to filter it out. But we won't be permitted
> to filter out .xxx which I suspect will be the rudest, crudest and
> lewdest of all because (name the red herring of your choice) is likely
> to happen as a result. Oh, we will able to filter .xxx -like material
> in a sort of half-assed way using the tools we are given, but that is
> all, not .xxx domains in their entirety.

I'm not against the creation of .xxx -- I'm only pointing out that
making it mandatory won't work. If we make it optional then all that
has been done is to open up more domain space (Which isn't a bad
thing, but .biz and .info haven't exactly been successful, and how
many .name domains have you seen?)

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