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Re: Yet More on FiOS
21 Aug 2005 00:24:16 GMT

In article <>, Lee Sweet
<> wrote:

> John's comments are quite true, I believe, *if* you are in an area
> where you are "forced" to get VZN fiber. If you aren't required to
> get the fiber, and want to use another ISP in order to run your own
> local servers, I'd retain the copper so you have the option to use
> another ISP that is more flexible.

Actually, that's not clear either. The FCC has given Verizon the right
to exclude other ISP's from their DSL circuits, too. That is set to
take effect in approximately a year.

> In VZN's defense (can't believe I'm saying that ...), I do see why
> they have blocks on inbound port 80 (for web servers) and the like,
> because of the high upload bandwidth of the fiber network (2 Mb
> mimimum?), if they didn't, *everyone* would be running servers.

Verizon plans to deliver video content in competition with the local
cable company (here it's Comcast). I doubt they're worried about
bandwidth issues.

And inbound port 25 (SMTP) doesn't use any bandwidth to speak of.

> I use Dreamhost; for $9.95 a month, I get two domains, all the email
> addresses I could want, webmail access for when I'm away from home,
> gigabytes of storage, tons of things I don't use, and even a shell
> account on their machine. Very sastified customer here! (See
> for details.)

That's a possible alternative. But the main reason for running my own
mail server is the complete control over it. My spam blocking, for
instance, currently is running at over 150 per day with almost 100%
efficiency. I don't quarantine, and I don't worry about lost
messages. If I have to rely on someone else then I'll still have to
look at ~150 spams per day just to make sure they're legit. The ONLY
spam blocker I trust is the one my current ISP uses, which also
happens to be what I'm using.

There's lots of other reasons for running my own servers ... I can add
domains for the cost of the registration, for instance, which is real
useful with teenage kids around. At times I've hosted an IRC server
for work. The list goes on. With my own system I'm free to do what I
want with it.

John Meissen

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