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Re: More on Verizon FioS Requirements
19 Aug 2005 08:12:17 GMT

In article <>, Lee Sweet
<> wrote:

> A bit of reading at Broadband Reports' in the FiOS forum would give a
> better picture of life in the real Verizon installation world :-) See

I've already done quite a bit of reading there lately.

> Verizon technically does say all that's been reported about removing
> your copper and requiring use of their router, but:

> 1. There are many reports that they will leave the original voice
> copper if you request it.


> 2. There are also many reports that you can have the installers use
> the supplied 'mandatory' router to test/bring up the connection, shut
> it down, and then use your old router (any router that can do PPPoE),
> and be fine.


> Also, there have been many discussions at BBR about the battery
> backup,

All of that is fine, if all you want is Verizon Online/MSN. But, ...

The current scenario excludes any competition from non-Verizon ISP's,
is 30% more expensive than the current Verizon Online DSL package and
precludes running servers of any kind (they block inbound port 80 and
port 25). I've been running my own mail and web servers for
years. Because I can host my own domain I have nearly 3GB of data
available on my web server. I think Verizon will give me 10MB. And my
spam blocking is more effective than anything Verizon can offer. All
of that goes out the window with Verizon FIOS.

Plus I like to support local businesses. I'm willing to pay a premium
to not have my support calls go to India.

John Meissen

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