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Re: TV Telephone History
27 Jul 2005 06:53:35 -0700

John L. Shelton wrote:

> While watching TV Land, I realized I could learn about the
> phone-wealth of various TV families.

Just last night TV Land showed the first episode of "The Jeffersons"
(a spinoff of All in the Family.) I noticed the kitchen had a rotary
desk phone while the living room had a Touch Tone phone. When Touch
Tone came out, in our area it was a flat $1.50 monthly fee regardless
of how many extensions you had, and all extensions were converted to
TT. [I miss Isabel Sanford, what a wonderful actress. She gave so
much warmth to those shows.]

BTW, the Bunker home in All in the Family had a 302 set, which was the
older 'art deco' set that came out in 1938. By 1970 they were
relatively rare; I think they stopped being installed in the early
1950s in favor of the modern 500 set.* I suspect such an older set was
chosen to give the home an older/poorer look to it. Much later in the
series they got a Touch Tone phone. People who had lived in their
houses for a great many years without changing their phone service
would have 302/354 sets. Many new houses were built in the late 1940s
and of course all would get 300 type sets.

*Bell had a big inventory of 302 sets. They repackaged them in a
modern case that looked somewhat like a 500 set and called it the
5302, but it was still a 302 set internally. They had kind of a squat
look to them.

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