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Re: TV Telephone History
26 Jul 2005 07:18:04 -0700

Joseph wrote:

> They never had the "ringing" right and always used the double-gong
> ringers that one would find on 500/2500 type phones. When using
> payphones they'd have the "ding-ding" sound from a regular fortress
> type phone. The last "ding-ding" pay phones were the three
> slotters!

TV shows were notoriously inaccurate in ringers for telephones. I
believe the phone itself does not ring, but rather the sound is
provided off set and recorded separately. I've often heard 302-type
ringers used for more modern sets and other strange bells used. In
more modern shows, they've had a bell ringer for a modern tone ringer
phone and vice versa.

Likewise with payphones. Long after 3-slot pay phones were replaced
by single slot, the 'ding-ding-bong' sounds continued when someone
used a payphone.

Of course, nowadays a ringer can be anything (even Jeanette McDonald's
"When I'm Calling You") so the point is kind of moot.

Our local Bell business office lent our high school theatre group a
Call Director set for a play. I wanted to 'examine' it but they
returned it as soon as the play was over.

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