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Re: Supplemental Grounding Electrodes

Joe Morris (
Wed, 6 Jul 2005 12:07:07 UTC

John Hines <> writes:

> The biggest effect on building grounding systems has been the decrease
> in reliance on metal plumbing, due to the usage of plastic piping.

... which was officially recognized in the 1993 revision of the NEC.
Article 250-81 permits grounding through interior metal water piping
from a point more than five feet beyond the point of entrance into the
building. An exception exists [*] "provided there is qualified
maintenance and the entire length of the pipe is exposed."

[*] from the 1999 edition, which is all I have conveniently at hand.

> I got my books from which are more user friendly
> than the actual code books, which are more like legalese.

It ain't cheap, but a good reference is the NFPA's "National Electric
Code Handbook". The base code book (also published by NFPA) would put
a lawyer to sleep, but the _Handbook_ quotes the entire Code with
interspersed commentary and illustrations.

Joe Morris

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