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Re: Supplemental Grounding Electrodes

Paul Coxwell (
Thu, 07 Jul 2005 00:05:50 +0100

>>> The NEC does get revised periodically, 2002 the most recent.

>> The 2005 version has been out for several months.

> They must review it more often than I (and others) are expecting. The
> electrician I hired over the winter was interested in the 2002 code
> book I had.

It's generally every three years.

A new edition does not automatically come into force as soon as it is
published though. The state/county/city in question specifies which
edition of the NEC is to be used, so an old edition is still
applicable until they amend their rules to refer to the new one.

I understand that there are some places still using the 1999, and maybe
even the 1996 code.

- Paul.

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