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Re: DO NOT! DO NOT Use Cingular Go Phone

Steve Sobol (
Tue, 05 Jul 2005 15:29:47 -0700 wrote:

> I have heard problems from people using pre-paid phones, such as
> "Trac" phone (believe it's offered by Verizon). Yes, the service
> offices were international and no help at all.

Tracfone is NOT Verizon. Tracfone is not owned, and the service is not
offered, by any major carrier. In fact, Tracfones sold in different
areas use different networks.

Net10 Wireless, the 10c/minute prepay service just launched by
Tracfone, exclusively uses Cingular GSM. But Tracfone is separate from
Cingular and all of the major carriers.

> I don't understand either why the wireless companies treat these
> ad-hoc customers so poorly. Maybe because they really want the
> guaranteed $40/month customers and hope they'll spend money on premium
> services to generate even more profit.

A friend who owns an ISP here made an interesting point. Cingular,
Verizon Wireless, Sprint PCS, Alltel ... all of those wireless
services are owned by wireline companies (in Verizon's case, only 55%
because the company that owns the other 45% is not a wireline

And you know the kind of service the wireline providers offer. :)

> Do cell phone plans still charge per call?

Not that I know of. - Steve Sobol / / PGP: 0xE3AE35ED
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