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Re: SBC DSL Total Fee Per Month

Robert Bonomi (
Fri, 24 Jun 2005 10:36:07 -0000

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> I haven't subscribed SBC DSL before. I am interested in the Express
> package that charges 14.95 per month, but it excludes tax and FUSF
> fee. I want to ask usually how much it will charge for each month in
> my case?

There's actually a reason they don't advertise an 'all in' cost -- "it
varies by location".

There are Federal taxes, State-level taxes, and _municipal_ level
taxes that one has to cope with. And usually several items of _each_

The "Universal Service Fee" shouldn't apply if DSL is being added as a
'shared' service on the POTS pair. You're already paying that as part
of the POTS service.

The 'package' deals are a whole lot messier, because you've got
several kinds of service included. each with its _own_ bundle of
taxes -- Not all taxes apply to all kinds of service in the bundle,
and even when they do, they may be at different percentages depending
on the particular service in the bundle.

In _broad_ terms, for POTS service, taxes can add around 20-25% to the
'base' billing, maybe even more. For DSL, there's a lot more
variability -- some people quote 'all in' numbers; for those that
don't, figure at least 5% tacked on. possibly as high at 20% (rare)

> Please advise. Thanks!!

Call SBC and ask for the exact figures for _your_ address. If the
front-line salesdroid can't come up with them, ask for a supervisor.

Then, to be a _real_ PITA, ask them for a -written- quote. MAILED,
not e-mailed.

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