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SBC DSL Total Fee Per Month
23 Jun 2005 21:30:22 -0700

I haven't subscribed SBC DSL before. I am interested in the Express
package that charges 14.95 per month, but it excludes tax and FUSF
fee. I want to ask usually how much it will charge for each month in
my case?

Please advise. Thanks!!

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: I don't think they themselves know
exactly how much it will cost from one month to the next. When I used
to allow SBC here in my home two or three years ago, for local phone
service _and_ DSL, the total bill each month was never less than one
hundred dollars per month, and I was allegedly eligible for discounts
given to senior citizens and disabled people under their 'lifeline'
program. Even though SBC was instructed by the Kansas commmissioners
to apply those rates to me, SBC retaliated with a phone bill which
was _26 pages_ long full of all sorts of 'partial month credits' and
'rerates' for things, and the end result was the bill was eighteen
dollars more than the month before! They lie about their prices and
plans. For example, they told me _three years ago_ that I could have
that $14.95 per month rate on DSL 'as long as you have Cingular cell
phone service as well ...' I've had Cingular for a long time, but
then SBC decided I as not eligible. They were also charging me for
'anonymous call blocking' but then not blocking anonymous calls, and
their chairman's office claimed that if a caller passed a string of
'zeros' or 'ones' as their caller ID, that was sufficient and did
not qualify for blocking purposes. I'd be very cautious about
accepting their word on any of their plans; they find so many ways
to make promises and then not keep them. You'd be better off going
with a more reputable company, or perhaps cable internet. PAT]

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