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Tue, 21 Jun 2005 21:46:51 -0400

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>>> Well Steven, an outage involving three DS-3s would likely be related
>>> to an OC-3 failure (an OC-3 at ~155 megabits/second will carry three
>>> DS-3s or just over 2,000 voice channels). I'd guess one of two
>>> failure types caused your emotional trauma: Traditional "back hoe
>>> fade" or an OC-3 to DS-3 mux went on "time out" for a while.

>> A backhoe undoubtedly being operated by Backhoe Bob. Apparently at a
>> recent gathering of IT folks involved with the Help America Vote Act
>> this was a common refrain.

> We call this "BIPL" or "Backhoe-Induced Packet Loss."

This gives me a queasy feeling. We're moving one of our offices to an
area that's former industrial property, industrial in the sense of
early 20th century.

And we've chosen to use a fiber based network. Come to think of it,
both the carriers in the building now (Verizon and Cox) come in on
fiber, not copper.

So it's very likely I'll suffer from BIPL at some point. But power
won't be an issue -- nice little 30KW diesel generator will be used
for the computer room which will house 3 server racks with 4 servers
in each, a Definity Prologix, and assorted networking gear, and HVAC
for the computer room.

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