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Re: Ping Between PC Through PABX

T. Sean Weintz (
Mon, 20 Jun 2005 15:43:55 -0400 wrote:

> Hi there,

> I'm trying to connect two computer using PABX. So the PABX will be act
> like a hub. This is the diagram:

> [Computer 1] -> [Modem] -> [PABX] <- [Modem] <- [Computer 2]

> Both computer using Windows 2000 and both has sucessfully connected to
> the PABX after doing dial up. But why can't I ping between those
> computer?

> Both computer has been connected to the pabx, but they just can't
> ping/communicate each other. Is there anything wrong here? It is
> possible to do this, right?

> Thank you so much for the response.

Not clear exactly how you are doing this. I assume one computer is
dialing the other thru the PBX? And you are using RAS? How are IP
addresses being assigned?

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