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Re: DSL Speed
20 Jun 2005 10:38:11 -0700

Choreboy wrote:

> On dialup, the farm couldn't negotiate modem speeds quite as fast as I
> could in town. I assumed the limitation was in the wire. That's why
> I was amazed to see that DSL seems to use the wire in the same way as
> dialup. Was I wrong to think the reason dialup data rates were slower
> at the farm was that the wire to the CO is longer?

The length of the wire DOES play a part. Also, how the wire is buried
or cabled, along with it being 'concentrated' by multiplex equipment
en route to the central office. This is why the farm would be slower
than in town.

> What's the downside for the telco? With the right pricing, I think
> they could tap a huge market for increased bandwidth.

There is no downside for the telco and there is a huge market for
increased bandwidth.

The speed of DSL will vary though depending on physical set up of the
wire pair between the home and central office, as mentioned. What is
perfectly fine for voice may cause interference in high speed data
transmission and force the speed to be lower. The physical arrange-
ment of the wire, known as the "loop plant" varies tremendously. Some
of it is old. Some of it is bundled in cables in such a way that
works for voice but not so good for data due to tiny bits of
interference -- just enough to cause a bit drop out in high speed
communication. Other cables go through multiplexors that may limit

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