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Re: Power Strips for Home Networks

James Carlson (
20 Jun 2005 08:55:36 -0400

Fred Atkinson <> writes:

> I've accumulated so many devices on my home network (and some devices
> that are not network related as well) that power strips are an issue.
> Most of these devices have the big 'calculator charger' type of power
> supply that plugs directly into the AC outlet.

How I hate those wall warts ...

> Searching the Internet, I've not found anything like this. The best
> is one of those long power strips that you usually install on the wall
> as a permanent part of the house electrical system. I think there
> might be something much better. Or maybe someone has a better
> suggestion.

There are short (1' or less) extension cables available to move the
transformer off of the power strip:

(There are probably other sources of these things; I just found this
one on a quick Google search.)

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