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Re: Power Strips for Home Networks

Bob Vaughan (
Mon, 20 Jun 2005 12:17:15 UTC

In article <>, Fred Atkinson
<> wrote:

> I suspect that some of you are experiencing this or have already
> solved it. So, maybe one of you can tell me where I can find
> something to solve this problem.

> I've accumulated so many devices on my home network (and some devices
> that are not network related as well) that power strips are an issue.
> Most of these devices have the big 'calculator charger' type of power
> supply that plugs directly into the AC outlet.

> I've been looking for some type of power strip that has eight or more
> outlets that are spaced far enough apart that you can plug all of
> these things into them without overlapping each other.

> Searching the Internet, I've not found anything like this. The best
> is one of those long power strips that you usually install on the wall
> as a permanent part of the house electrical system. I think there
> might be something much better. Or maybe someone has a better
> suggestion.

> Any ideas?

You mean something like:

10 outlets, (5 duplex outlets side by side). (II) (II) (II) (II) (II)
15' cord (II) (II) (II) (II) (II)

I've been able to fit 10 smaller wall warts on a single strip, or
6 large wall warts, plus 4 cords.

Belkin F9D1000-15 (I've found these at Home Depot, but not on the
Belkin website)

Waber UL800CB-15

Waber/Tripp-Lite also has the long (4-6') strips with cord/plug.

power strips
PS2408 (24"/8 outlets)
PS3612 (36"/12 outlets)
PS4816 (48"/16 outlets)
PS6020 (60"/20 outlets)
PS7224 (72"/24 outlets)

surge strips
SS7415 (48"/16 outlets)
SS7619 (72"/24 outlets)

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