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Re: DSL and Speakerphone Problems!?

Dave Grebe (
Wed, 15 Jun 2005 02:04:15 GMT

Steven O. wrote:

> Ever since I got DSL (from Verizon), I have been having problems with
> the speakerphone service. I've tried two or three phones, and for
> some reason, although I can hear people speaking when I try to use the
> speakerphone on my regular phone, no one can hear me when I speak.
> Has anyone else had similar problems with DSL service?

<stuff deleted>

Do you have a DSL filter in series with the speaker phone? My DSL kit
came with several "Z-Blocker" DSL filters, you're supposed to put them
in series with all the phones since some phones will interfere with
DSL, and DSL will interfere with some phones.

Dave Grebe

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