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Re: Cell Phone Rental in Europe

Joseph (
Wed, 15 Jun 2005 10:21:19 -0700

On 14 Jun 2005 13:02:13 -0700, Sandyman <> wrote:

> Try Roadpost . You can get a rental that
> includes 30 flat rate minutes (no long distance charges!) for less
> than $60 or $70 if I remember right, with their summer special. If
> you get their Greece service, the incoming calls when you're in Greece
> will be free. I think that phone will also work in Turkey. I've used
> them, I was very happy.

You say $60 or $70 per week is certainly no bargain when you can get a
second-hand phone to *keep* for that kind of money and just buy a
local prepaid account readily available in lots of local places.

Also, you may not be aware, but it's likely that if you rent a phone
in Greece the phone may work in Turkey if you're "renting" a post paid
account. It's also likely even if you are you'll pay huge roaming
costs outside the home country. Sure it will work, but at what cost?

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